A Welcome Word By The Team

Welcome to our website and very first blog post. We as the Minetite team want to welcome you to Minetite as a brand, our activities, what we will post on the website and everything regarding Minetite! In this blog I will explain everything about Minetite.

The Introduction

On Friday the 18th of September we launched our website, welcome. After Minetite released her first piece of content, The Ultimate City Mash-Up, it was time to expand our brand. I would like to take you through our website so you can fully explore it. First some info about me, Thijs. I am the Founder & CEO of Minetite and am so excited about everything we are doing. Next month Minetite will have her one year anniversary, after a great start. Enough about me, it is time for Minetite.

Minetite As A Brand

The Minetite brand stands on our 4 core values. Minetite is a brand which is improving every day and we try to stick to our core values to make sure we stay true to ourselves and our vision. Our culture is key. Minetite started as a small group of friends with an idea and right now we are creating a brand with an actual team. These 4 core values help us build upon this friendship. They are super important in every decision we make, whether it be that would be adding a feature to our projects, thinking of new strategies, assisting our community or just writing a blog post. Everything we do is connected to our core values which create our brand essence: Simply Amaze. If you want to get to know our core values, head over to our About page.

Something we as a team try to reach every day is exceeding each other's expectations. If I ask Sam to create a model, he will try to push the boundaries of his skillset to not exceed our customers expectations but even the team's expectations. So, when Sam shows us the final model, when Brandon shares a new music track for our content or when Ronnie finishes a section of our world, this is my reaction.

With the Minetite team improving every day we are not just exceeding our own expectations but also those of our customers and business partners. We like to go the extra mile to get something done.

The Website

We are super excited to launch our website! We got quite some cool things on here with much more to come. Think of project updates, more positions at Minetite and frequent blog posts. Keep an eye out for this site or our social media! Right now the website is still pretty 'empty', that is mainly because we only released 1 piece of content so far and there is 1 blog post. The one you are currently reading...

If you want to get to know our core values and team members, head over to our About page. Here we introduce the Minetite brand and our team members. Their social media link is on there as well so check their stuff out, it's pretty cool. On our Catalog page you can view our projects, even though we have released just one so far. A new project is in the works and there might be a small sneak peek. If you feel like you are a good addition to the team, visit the Careers page. All our open positions will be listed there with an application form. And then lastly, our News page. We will release regular blog posts regarding Minetite updates, Minecraft news and other cool things!

Our Projects

Minetite is trying to make a difference in the Marketplace. We are on a mission to create the best products on the Marketplace. So far we have released 1 product and we could not have been happier with the outcome of it. With over 2800 positive reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 we think we did a pretty good job for our first product. Minetite is the very first partner to release a Mash-Up as their debut piece! Right now we are working on some more super cool projects, pushing the quality every day. Keep an eye out for updates and sneak peeks on it!

The Ultimate City Mash-Up Key Art

What To Expect

We are working VERY hard on expanding our team and skillset. Projects are underway. Non-Marketplace projects are starting as well. At this moment there isn't too much to share but expect news in the near future. We are SUPER excited to continue the Minetite journey and hopefully you are too! Thank you for visiting our website and for reading this very first blog post, I promise there will be more to look at / read soon. We are here to make a difference and our community is our #1 priority!

Expect some cool news soon!

This blog post was written by Thijs H., Founder & CEO of Minetite. Want to get to know him a bit better? Visit his page!

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