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About Us

About the Team.

Our goal is simple.

We're on a mission to create the best products on the Marketplace.

Our Core Values.


We believe that everyone should be able to be themselves, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. This might seem contradictory, but it’s precisely this unconventionality that unites us.

At Minetite, you don’t have to be the smartest in class. Because we don’t know the right answers either. We’re all doing this for the first time, but we all want to give it a try. We need unconventionality to go and do things nobody has ever attempted before.

As long as you’re true to yourself, you’re hard to copy. We only do things that suit us. That’s why, before we do anything, we ask ourselves: is this really a good fit for us? We also consider whether something can easily be copied by another company. If you were to cover our logo with your hand and not recognize it as Minetite, it isn’t unconventional enough.


There are few companies where people are both colleagues and friends. This is our strength. Because you only want what’s best for your friends. Because 2 heads are better than 1. Because you always tell your friends the truth. And because it’s simply more fun.

It gets noticed. With customers who always come back. And with other brands, who regard us as long-time partners. We’re always honest and direct, in good times and bad. We never go back on a promise, and we’re open to feedback.

Equals make the best friends.

Go For It.

Don’t think, do. Actions speak louder than words. We’ve got plenty of sayings for it. But at Minetite, we simply refer to this no-nonsense entrepreneurial attitude as: go for it.

An idea is worthless if you don’t act on it. There’s no point in waiting until everyone’s had their say on the matter. We got where we are today by doing things a little bit better every day. Step by step, detail after detail: go for it. Things don’t always go right the first time around. But we take the risk and go for it. We make mistakes and learn from tehm. Them.


We’re continuously changing. Either because we can or because we have to. Minetite was designed with flexibility in mind from the outset, in order to support our rapid growth. Whoever says “we always do it like this” isn’t doing it right.

Minetite members are rarely upset by sudden changes to their plans or teams. By members who keep learning new things, besides their own expertise, or by developing new systems that can handle twice the load.

Flexibility is also important when it comes to our obsessive focus with expanding our skills. Want to develop even though you can barely launch your PC? Sure thing. Missed your deadline by 1 day? No problem. Exceptions are meant to be made, because why not?
Brief History

We're just getting started.

Founded Minetite
October 2019
Minetite has been founded in October 2019 with a small team. With a total of 6 members we wanted to make a change and work on a long-term game development studio.
First Release
June 2020
After 9 months of development our first project was ready for release. The Ultimate City Mash-Up. Our first release got featured by Microsoft. In the first 3 months we got 2500+ positive reviews.
The Expansion
August 2020
After the success of our first release we wanted to go bigger. 6 New members were hired, a 200% increase of team size. New Marketplace and non-Marketplace have started and we are very excited!
Bold & Ambitious

Our Team

Thijs H.
Thijs has founded Minetite in October 2019 and is since then also the CEO of Minetite. He focuses on all-round activities such as level design, modeling, development and much more!
Kieran M.
Kieran is the Quality Assurance Manager and Community Manager for Minetite. He wants to ensure that the community voice is heard and that all of Minetite's maps are up to standard!
Sam M.
Sam is the 3D Artist Manager at Minetite. With loads of experience in modeling he creates models, textures them and even animates them. He has created more than 50 models for Minetite already!
Ronnie L.
Ronnie is the Level Design Manager at Minetite. With over 7 years experience of building he knows what it takes to create an amazing world. On the side he does some development work.
Brandon H.
Brandon is one of our Music Composers at Minetite. With a huge background in music composing and producing he makes sure that our projects are really coming to life!
Nic S.
Nic is a Music Composer at Minetite. He has been producing music since 2013 and can create almost everything. If you hear any sound in one of our projects, he most likely did some work on it!
Liam K.
Liam is a Developer at Minetite. When the team goes all out on ideas he is the man to tell us if that will work or not. Liam's work ethic really shows how passionate he is about game development!
We're always looking for new talented people to join us! Do you think you are a good addition to Minetite? Head over to our Careers page and take a look at our open positions!
We're always looking for new talented people to join us! Do you think you are a good addition to Minetite? Head over to our Careers page and take a look at our open positions!

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